Passenger elevator classification

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Passenger elevator (also called passenger lift): A vertical elevator driven by an electric motor, equipped with a box-shaped pod, which can be used in multi-storey buildings. The elevator specially designed for passenger transportation needs perfect safety facilities, and some decorations are installed inside the elevator.

Composition structure

Passenger elevators are large electromechanical products that are tightly integrated with electromechanics. It is mainly composed of machine room, passenger cabin, automatic door system and electrical control system.


Passenger elevator classification


Drive method

Traction elevator, the lifting rope is driven by the friction of the rope groove of the driving wheel of the host.

Hydraulic lifts usually use electric pumps to drive liquid movements, which are raised and lowered by plungers.

The gear elevator processes the track into a rod shape, meshes the car equipped with gears with the rack, and the motor drives the gear to rotate, so that the car elevator is raised and lowered.

Speed classification

Low-speed elevator: usually refers to an elevator with a speed lower than 1.00m/s.

Medium-speed elevator: usually refers to an elevator with a speed of 1.00 to 2.00m/s.

High-speed elevator: usually refers to an elevator with a speed greater than 7m/s.







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