What to do if the home villa elevator falls down quickly?

 09/07/2020| View:305
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The use of elevators has gradually become popular in people's homes in recent years, so in normal life, it is inevitable that people will sit in elevators. However, what should I do if I encounter a failure in the home villa elevator and quickly fall down? Most people may have an idea, stand in the elevator and follow it! China MSDS villa elevator manufacturers tell you not to sit still. The following are the important actions that MSDS home villa elevator manufacturer demonstrate for you to protect yourself when the elevator falls:

1. Quickly press the buttons on each floor.

2. If there is a handle in the elevator, please shake it with one hand.

3. The entire back and head are close to the inner wall of the elevator in a straight line.

4. The knee is bent. Because you won't know when it will hit the ground, and it is likely that you will die with a whole body fracture when you fall.

The reason for this:

1. When the emergency power supply is started, the villa elevator can immediately stop and continue to fall.

2. In order to fix the seat where you are, you will not fall because of an unstable center of gravity.

3. In order to use the elevator wall as spine protection.

4. The most important thing is that because the ligament is a tissue rich in elasticity, the knee is bent to withstand the pressure of the blow, which is greater than that of the bone.

What should I pay attention to when taking the elevator?

1. Please take the elevator safely and safely.

2. When riding the elevator, do not force the elevator door to close by hand or body.

3. In the event of fire or earthquake disasters in buildings, elevators must never be used, and they can only be evacuated in an orderly manner from pedestrian ladders or fire exits.

4. Don't jump in the elevator, and don't use rough behaviors on the elevator for any reason, such as kicking the four walls of the car with your feet, or hitting with tools.

5. No smoking in the elevator. The elevator has a certain recognition function for smoke. If you smoke in the elevator, it may make the elevator mistakenly think that it is on fire and take emergency measures, which will cause the elevator to automatically lock and people trapped.