What should be considered when installing a home elevator?

 03/09/2020| View:296
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First of all, we have to consider the size of the indoor elevator to be selected. The size of this home elevator can be considered based on the number of elevator users in your home, the area of the house, and so on. However, considering its own use, the load will not be too much at one time, so it is recommended to use a small home elevator.

Secondly, where should we install this small home elevator to save space. We can start from the installation location. Generally speaking, installing an elevator in the middle of the stairs is a comparative plan to combine with the stairs. First, the channel is not blocked in the center; second, the width of the hoistway can be determined by the opening width.

Again, how to unify the indoor elevator with the overall house decoration style is also something that needs to be considered. If you do not consider the style of the elevator to be installed and only consider how much the home elevator will cost, then it is possible that after the elevator is installed, the overall beauty of the previous house decoration will be destroyed. In order to avoid this situation, you must choose the elevator style. If it is really difficult to match your own decoration style, you can consider customizing a home elevator.

Finally, what we have to consider is the safety of the indoor elevator installed. The installation of a home elevator is to facilitate the family's going up and downstairs. The first thing to consider is not to threaten the safety of the family. Therefore, when choosing an elevator, you need to choose an elevator with high safety performance. You can also work harder on elevator functions. For example, elevator doors generally have automatic and manual door openings. At this time, we can have electromechanical interlocking functions on automatic and manual doors to prevent the elevator from opening the door and the elevator when it is not leveling. Open the door.