How to select the location of elevator installation in villa?

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How to select the location of elevator installation in Villa

People have higher and higher requirements for home decoration, such as when decorating villas, they will install villas with elevators. After confirming the installation of villa elevator, the choice of location is a headache for the owners. How to select the location of elevator installation in villa? Now let's introduce it to you.

Some villa developers in the development, will set up the villa elevator shaft, or reserve the villa installation location, these two situations will greatly reduce the difficulty of installing villa elevator. However, the early building villa did not reserve the location for elevator installation, so it is necessary to find a new location for installation. If this is the case, the choice of location will be particularly important.

1. If the space in the middle of the staircase of villa is larger than 1000mm × 1000mm, or if the staircase is cut out properly, such a large position can be reserved, then the elevator can be installed in the middle of the staircase. It does not affect the overall decoration of the villa, but also ensures the lighting of the villa.

2. The developer has reserved the location for the installation of villa elevator. Generally, the location reserved by the developer is relatively rough, which sometimes does not meet the requirements of the installation of elevator. The installation personnel also need to carry out the transformation according to the actual situation.

3. If you choose to install the villa elevator in a corner or a certain position in the hall, you need to open holes in these positions, so it is difficult to change the knife. In this case, the technical personnel will generally advise the owner to sacrifice the location of the toilet, which is less difficult to reconstruct.

The above is a detailed introduction of how to select the location of the villa elevator. If the developer reserves a location, it only needs to simply transform the reserved position. If the location is not reserved, it can only transform a certain position in the villa.