Is the brand of home elevator really important?

 13/10/2020| View:53
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Is the brand of home elevator really important? Many people buy a home elevator, the first thing they think of is to find a big brand of commercial elevator. As a result, many home elevator supplier gave a reply that "the place is too small to do." Or suggest that the customer dismantle the stairs "make the place bigger, otherwise it can't be installed", or the bottom pit is too shallow and the top floor is too low.

Why can't home elevator brands do anything in the face of these problems?

In fact, the core business of the brands we are familiar with is in the public or commercial field, not in the household area. Household elevator and public elevator belong to two subdivided fields, and their technical emphases are also different. Firstly, home elevator and public elevator have different installation and manufacturing specifications, and the difference is very big. Secondly, the customer demand and construction environment of domestic elevator and public elevator are also different. The requirements of household elevator are different from that of each household, and each elevator needs to be customized, and the shaft size is also different, the top floor height is usually only about 3 meters, some of the pit can not even be dug, can only be used as steps, some can not be self-made civil shaft due to conditions, and need professional steel structure shaft, and the requirements of household elevator for noise, safety and comfort are higher;

Then from the market point of view, the demand of domestic elevators is far lower than that of public elevators. Therefore, it is impossible for those domestic elevator brands to put their main energy into the bread of household elevators. Occasionally, they come across some customers of household elevators, that is, to make a miniature version of public elevators, and customers have to meet their requirements before they can do it It doesn't matter, because for them, they can do or don't do it. It's their incidental business. Success or failure, good or bad, has little impact on their turnover. But for those brands that you haven't heard of, it's different. Every customer is their "VIP" user. They will give each customer a special plan according to their demands, site conditions and decoration style.