Elevator opening mode of villa elevator?

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Elevator opening mode of villa elevator

The structure of the hand-held door is similar to the door commonly used in our home, but it has more lock linkage device and is relatively heavy. At the same time, there is no car door protection design for the hand-held door, which objectively has hidden dangers;

The difference is that more than 95% of villa elevators choose side opening automatic doors. It is because the automatic door with side opening can save the building area and make full use of the width of the shaft as much as possible. At the same time, it can be convenient for the disabled and the elderly to use, fully reflecting its utility.

PLC control or microcomputer control

PLC control is the abbreviation of "programmable logic controllers", that is, programmable logic controller. It is mainly used in the early industrial field and is also the main control mode of elevator. In the 1980s, when the microcomputer control system appeared, PLC control in the field of elevators only simple goods elevators are still used in large quantities, but in the field of passenger elevators, it is basically eliminated by the microcomputer control system. Therefore, it is the right choice to choose the precise microcomputer control system

VF drive with variable frequency and variable voltage

The home elevator driven by VVVF traction machine and inverter drive is selected to make it run more comfortable, stable and energy-saving.

LED lighting

The greater difference between LED lighting and traditional spotlight or incandescent lamp is that it is brighter, more environmentally friendly, energy-saving and has a longer service life.

Try to choose the home elevator with automatic rescue device (power-off leveling) and automatic dialing device

Private elevator is different from public elevator, which is used by single family. Therefore, the home elevator puts forward higher requirements on safety protection, especially for the elderly or children in the family. If there is a sudden power failure or failure in the use of the elevator, the home elevator with automatic rescue device and automatic dialing configuration is selected to protect the family. Of course, manufacturers will also ask for additional equipment costs.