What is the national standard for home villa elevators?

 29/10/2020| View:65
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  • 1.The definition of a home villa elevator is an elevator installed in a private residence and used only by a single family member. It can also be installed in a building not used by a single family as a tool for a single family to enter its residence, but the public or other residents in the building cannot enter and use it. According to the above definition, it is installed and used in general households. If it is installed in commercial facade houses or non-residential houses, it can also be used by people inside the household to enter the family residence.

  • 2.Rated speed. The rated speed of home elevators should not be greater than 0.4 m/s, and the rated speed of home elevators without car doors should not be greater than 0.3 m/s. According to this standard, the speed of general traction home elevators is currently set at 0.4 m/s, while screw elevators are generally set at 0.15 m/s.

  • 3.Itinerary. The car travel should not exceed 12 meters. A popular understanding of car travel is the distance from the ground on the ground floor to the ground on the upper floor, which is also called the lift height of the elevator. Generally, the distance from the first floor to the fourth floor of a villa will not exceed 12 meters. This requirement has nothing to do with the number of elevator stops. Many customers have homes with one and a half floors, two and a half floors, etc. elevator door opening stations, so that from the first floor to the fourth floor, the elevator can stop at 5 stops or more.

  • 4.Rated load capacity. It should be calculated based on the net load-bearing area (the area occupied by the handrails is also included) at least 250 kg/m2; the rated load should not be greater than 400 kg. Therefore, current home elevators are generally divided into 180 kg, 260 kg, 320 kg and 400 kg according to the size of the car.

  • 5.Car area. The net loading area of the car (the area occupied by the handrails should also be included) should not exceed 1.6 square meters. Generally, in actual design and production, the area size of the large car will be 1.2 meters 1.3 meters, 1.15 meters 1.35 meters, 1.1 meters 1.4 meters, etc., while the small car area of the Zhongsan elevator can achieve 0.6 meters 0.6 meters , Suitable for one person.