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Are you looking for a professional elevator manufacturer recently? This article can help you clearly understand China's elevators and give some valuable opinions. Please be patient!

1.What elevator and how it works?

An elevator or hoist is a vertical transport machine that can move people or goods between floors, floors or decks of buildings, ships, or other structures.

In addition to the usual up and down movement, there are also some elevators that can travel sideways.

Working principle

The two ends of the traction rope are respectively connected to the car and the counterweight, and are wound on the traction wheel and the guide wheel. The traction motor rotates at the speed of driving the variable wheel through the gear box, and the traction force is generated by the friction between the traction force. The traction rope and the traction wheel , To achieve the car and heavy lifting movement, to achieve the purpose of transportation.

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2.Recommendations for buying a Chinese elevator

There are many elevator manufacturers and companies in China. How to choose an elevator, we give some suggestions.

Determine the type of elevator

Because office buildings, hospitals, houses and factories have different uses, the ladders used are usually very different in configuration and function. At the same time, the passenger flow must be analyzed according to factors such as building area, floor, personnel flow, and the location of the elevator in the building. Determine the speed, load and number of elevators.

Elevator civil construction

Once you know the type of elevator, load, speed, number of units, stops and travel height, you can entrust the architectural design department to design blueprints. At this time, the design department will use the same type of standard civil engineering drawings provided by professional elevator manufacturers, and combine different building elevator shafts to draw elevator civil engineering drawings.

3.Chinese elevator manufacturer

MSDS elevator is a professional elevator and escalator manufacturer integrating development, manufacturing, installation and maintenance. 12 years of professional experience. We have rich knowledge and experience in various types of car elevators, freight elevators, industrial elevators, passenger elevators, home elevators and auxiliary function products.

Services include:

Elevator maintenance evaluation

Custom maintenance agreement

Each elevator also provides modern services.

Service object:



Elevator agent


Property manager

Elevator company

In conclusion, If you are looking for elevator manufacturers in China, the above is information about Chinese elevators. Please visit