Elevator safety propaganda knowledge (2)

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First,The elevator is a friend who guarantees safety

An elevator is a vehicle that runs in a vertical direction. With the continuous development of cities, elevators have become a topic of increasing concern to the common people. According to relevant information, taking an elevator is 10 times safer than climbing stairs. Not only that, elevators are also the safest compared to vehicles, trains and other means of transportation.

Second,What are the risks of taking the elevator

Like any means of transportation, the elevator runs non-stop every day, and it may cause wear and tear or damage to components. If the elevator is not maintained, inspected, and adjusted frequently, the elevator may malfunction and cause certain problems. risk. In order to minimize this risk, people have been improving the elevator for many years, making its safety protection measures more and more perfect.

1). Passengers must pass through the landing door when entering or exiting the elevator. What may cause injury at this time is falling into the hoistway or being cut due to "open door and walk";

2). Passengers who may be injured during the elevator ride are due to abnormal acceleration (deceleration) speed causing weightlessness, overweight and impact. This is commonly known as the "bottom" and "top" of the car.

Although the probability of occurrence of these hazards is not high, the consequences are extremely serious and are the biggest safety risk that must be eliminated.

Third,How to eliminate risks and ensure safe operation of elevators

1).Once the elevator fails, not only should it be eliminated as soon as possible, but also the cause should be found out and the possibility of recurrence should be eliminated.

2).Passengers should learn to use civilized operation to protect their own safety while riding the elevator

Fourth, Points for passengers to take the elevator safely

Passengers must pay attention to the following points for safe riding to protect their own safety.

1).When taking the elevator, please check whether the elevator has a safety inspection pass mark. Elevators that have exceeded the inspection date or have faults have potential safety hazards.

2). Do not enter blindly without seeing whether the elevator car is parked on this floor, otherwise it may cause accidents of people falling into the shaft.

3).Don't kick, pry, pick up, or lean against the floor (hall) door when waiting for (taking) the elevator: otherwise there may be dangers such as passengers falling into the shaft or being cut by the car.

4). If the elevator is full, please wait patiently for the next service of the elevator.

Do not squeeze into the elevator car or carry in objects when the elevator is overloaded and alarm: otherwise, the elevator will not close the door, which will affect the operation efficiency. If the situation is serious, it will cause the traction rope to slip, the elevator car to slide, and even cause accidents such as personnel shearing. occur.

5). Don't stop the car door from closing with your hands, feet or objects. You need to keep the elevator door open. You can press and hold the door open button in the car. Do not be too slow when entering and exiting the elevator, and do not step on the floor and the car for a long time, otherwise, if the car moves at this time, shearing accidents may occur;

6).When the elevator is running, try to stand away from the door. You can use the handrails in the car to stand firmly.

7). If you do not open the door after the elevator stops at the station, you can press the door open button to open the car door. Do not open the car door forcibly, otherwise a hoist fall accident may occur.

8).Don't play, joke, jump and press buttons in a moving elevator, otherwise it is particularly easy to cause the elevator safety device to malfunction, causing "sleeping" and casualties.

9).When the elevator fails and gets stuck between floors, please don’t panic. The safest countermeasure is to stay calm. The car and hoistway are well ventilated and the air is sufficient. The elevator has a number of measures to ensure the safety of passengers. You can use the alarm in the car. Push the button or call the property department and maintenance unit for help, and wait patiently for rescue. Never try to leave the elevator in other dangerous ways.

Please remember: the car is a safe space, and it is often a dangerous choice to use "escape" from the car to help yourself. Elevator is a very safe means of transportation. As long as good management and civilized operation are combined, it is fully capable of providing safe services to passengers.

Fifth, Correct understanding of people trapped in elevators

The elevator trapped here means that the elevator suddenly stops running normally due to disconnection of the door lock circuit or safety circuit, failure or malfunction of the control system, power failure of the power supply system, and man-made factors, thereby trapping passengers in the elevator. Phenomena in the car.

1).The trapped elevator is a manifestation of elevator failure, but it is also a self-protection state.

 When an elevator component or control system is abnormal, it will cause obstacles to the normal operation of the elevator, causing the elevator to trap people. From this perspective, people trapped in the elevator is a concrete manifestation of elevator failure. But at the same time, it tells passengers that the elevator has malfunctioned, and it also informs maintenance personnel that it should be repaired immediately. If the elevator continues to run, the malfunction will expand or an accident will endanger the safety of personnel and equipment, and it must be stopped immediately. From this perspective, the elevator trapped people is also a protection state, just like the leakage protector in the electrical circuit, when the line or equipment failure may endanger personal safety, it will automatically cut off the power supply, leaving the equipment in a loss of power Status, thereby protecting personal safety.

2).the elevator trapped is a technical measure taken by the designer for the safety design concept

When the elevator fails, the elevator immediately stops running. This is a control method that prevents the elevator from operating in an abnormal state. It is a technical measure taken by designers to ensure personal safety. Although on the surface, being trapped is not a good thing, but its essence is to protect the personal safety of passengers to the maximum.

There is no danger for passengers to be trapped in elevators. As long as the passengers relax, stay calm, and take proper measures to wait for rescue, they will not be harmed.

Judging from past accident cases, the direct causes of accidents are as follows:

a.Missing or malfunctioning car rescue facilities

b. If rescue is not done in time, the passengers are trapped for a long time, causing anxiety and increasing psychological burden, thus inducing old illnesses.

c. Improper rescue methods of rescuers and illegal operations by non-professionals are a major cause of the accident.

d. Improper self-rescue methods for passengers. If the trapped passengers lack a correct understanding of the trapped person in the elevator, they should not relax and wait patiently for rescue, but adopt improper self-rescue methods, which may lead to personal injury accidents.

Six, the correct use of the elevator

1). When calling the elevator, passengers only need to press the call button in the direction they are going. Please do not press both the up and down direction buttons at the same time, so as not to cause useless cars to stop and reduce the overall transportation efficiency of the building elevator. At the same time, this is also to avoid the wrong action of the safety device, causing passengers to be trapped in the car and affecting the normal operation of the elevator.

2). When the elevator door is opened, be sure not to put your hand on the door panel to prevent the finger from being squeezed when the door panel is retracted. When the elevator door is closed, do not put your hand on the edge of the door, so as not to affect the closing action or even squeeze your fingers. When bringing a child, you should use your hands to hold or hold the child in the elevator.

3). Keep a certain distance from the elevator door when taking the elevator. For the sake of safety, because the elevator door is connected to the hoistway when the elevator is running, the relative speed is very fast. If the elevator door fails, passengers near the door will be very dangerous.

4). Don't jump in the elevator. There are many safety protection switches on the elevator car. If you jump in the car, the car will incline severely, which may cause the protection switch to act and make the elevator enter the protection state. Once this happens, the elevator will stop in an emergency, causing trapped passengers.

5). When entering the door, many people are used to blocking the door with their bodies. Although it is not dangerous, if you press for too long, the elevator control part will think that the elevator has malfunctioned. It may call the police or even stop. Therefore, it is more appropriate to press the door button after you enter.