Why choose us passenger elevator?

 29/01/2021| View:32
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MSDS elevator is a profesional passenger elevator manufacturer and supplier in China. We can provide various passenger lift solutions to solve problems in various situations. System selection and equipment size, shape and decoration depending on your personal requirements and can be customized for you.

Why choose our passenger elevator

●Diversified solutions, we will provide customers with diversified and personalized solutions according to customer needs, project conditions and different countries/regions.

●Have core technology, independently research motors and door systems, and provide products for Schindler, Fujitsu, Hyundai, ThyssenKrupp and other world-renowned brands and local Chinese elevator brands.

●In some countries and regions, we have professional installation and maintenance teams, who can go to the scene to solve various elevator problems when customers need projects.

Advantages of our passenger elevator

●High efficiency: The compact design of the gearless transmission mode replaces the reducer and coupling in the traditional tractor transmission mode, thereby greatly improving the transmission efficiency and operating efficiency.

●High environmental protection: no need to replace grease, no grease pollution, low noise, quiet and natural.

●High energy saving: Rare earth permanent magnet material, coaxial transmission technology, complete integration of digital frequency conversion technology and group machine combination control technology, low operating cost, low energy consumption, and can save 40% of energy

Applicable to: office buildings, buildings, large shopping centers, business centers, and other places