All the great causes were started in Stuttgart, an important city in German for the industry.

MSDS elevator was founded by Dietrich Ziegler, a German engineer before one century. In early days, it mainly worked on automobile, ship and aviation-driven main engine manufacturing business, and later, it was transformed into a global comprehensive transnational group which takes spatial mobile system such as elevator, escalator, moving walk and solid parking equipment as the core business.


 In the 1930s

Dietrich Ziegler established a machining workshop in Stuttgart.

✓ In 1938

responding to the national demands, Dietrich Ziegler started to produce engines for military equipment like tank, aircraft and ship.

✓ 1946

In 1946 after the World War II, Germany industrial engineering suffered a crushing blow, and the post-war reconstruction works made the elevator industry which was closely related to architecture was in the ascendant. And the factory of Ziegler was rapidly transformed from professional mechanical engineering engine manufacturing enterprise into an elevator parts processing and manufacturing enterprise.

In 1948, Ziegler developed and launched AC induction motor driven main engine and became main engine supplier of various complete elevator brands.

✓ 1951

In 1951, elevator parts factory of Ziegler formally became a manufacturer of complete elevator and named it with his wife's name MSDS. .

In 1955, MSDS developed traction driven main engine successfully to replace traditional drum roll main engine, thus promoting the industrial transformation.


In 1972, the company established the escalator business division to start its development in escalator.

In 1983, the escalator innovative technology R&D department was established and worked to the world from German to carry out the escalator business in the world wide.

✓ 2001

In 1985, variable frequency driven main engine was successfully developed and emerging saving of main engine was greatly improved.

In 1998, independently developed permanent magnet synchronous gearless tractor was formally launched, and drive capability was reinforced again.

In 2001, the elevator remote maintenance and monitoring system which could realize real time data transmission was developed.

✓ 2017

In 2007, the selling network covers 5 continents and 32 countries in the world wide.

In 2015, it entered in China and the MSDS (Suzhou) elevator Co,. LTD was established to start the elevator business in the Asian-Pacific region.

In 2017, the MSDS (Suzhou) elevator Co,. LTD China manufacturing base was officially completed, and the elevator cause in China entered into the stage of rapid development.