MSDS can not only provide high quality products to customers but also be together with architectural development and provide whole life circle services which are related to customers’experience. 

From design and production to installation and delivery, and to maintenance and utility, high quality customer service of MSDS will run through each link to make you be relieved and carefree from beginning to end.

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    Product design>

    MSDS will provide the professional well planning and product configuration, as well as rational customized solutions according to your buildings to analyze buildings’passenger demands.

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    Professional installation

    The professional installation has the abundant experience and scientific project management process to safeguard the rapid and safe installation and delivery, reduce environmental intervention to capacity, safe costs and ensure building schedule.

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    Scientific maintenance protection

    According to the customer demands and equipment status, the company provides the rational maintenance planning and equipment maintenance scheme. The application of remote control supervision in internet of things can realize the real-time data collection tracking for product, and quick and accurate response.