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 German technology

MSDS elevator adheres to the precise spirits of German industry and applies advanced German technology at the same time to guarantee to keep pace with global product quality and technology.

 World-class manufacture

MSDS adheres to world class manufacturing standards and keeps improving to provide high quality products and optimal services of the same kind in the worldwide.

 Complete product system

Complete the product system and the service support system, covers various building traffic field, and provide resources to cities with high sped development.

 The selling network covers the globe

The global marketing network and service center of MSDS can guarantee that customers and passengers can enjoy excellent all-weather mobile solutions and considerate services.


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    Energy feedback technology

    Transform mechanical energy generated from specific movement conditions into electric energy for power grid. MSDS has several years of energy regeneration technology, and its recycle use ratio can be as high as 95%.
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    Machine-room-less technology

    Machine-room-less technologyMachine-room-less technology set the main engine and control cabinet into the hatchway nearby the top level, integrated various high technologies and advanced techniques to improve elevator performance from several aspects and reduce consumption of energy and machine room space.
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    Technology to select target floor

    Assign passengers with same or similar destinations into a same lift car and control stopping times; reduce waiting time of passengers effectively, improve transport efficiency and bring more comfortable and convenient experience.

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 Advanced equipment

MSDS introduced world class manufacturing equipment and integrated informationalized software, thus realizing production of high efficiency and high quality. Product quality reached to and surpassed purchasing standards of several countries and regions.

 Lean production system

Introduced lean production system of automobile industry, make each employee maximize efficiency by optimized work flow and continuous training to employees, and realized flexible production and rapid delivery.

Depending on superior resources of MSDS, MSDS kept pace with the world when it was started. Inherent manufacture, technology, product and service advantages made it become outstanding in two years when it came to China.

Real-time monitoring of internet of things

Collect and upload running information of elevator in real time, detect comprehensively, realize real-time positioning, tracing, management and information interaction of each elevator.

New mute drag medium

Replace traditional steel wire rope with plastic wrap rope and flat steel belt as traction medium to improve traction friction and reduce frictional loss. And since extra lubrication is not needed, it is more flexible and endurable and makes operation quieter.