Energy conservation and environmental protection

 Gearless permanent magnet synchronous tractor

It has the high transmission efficiency. Relative to the traditional tractors, energy conservation is up to 30%. It has no need to refuel and it is clean and non-polluting.

 LED illuminating system

It applies LED green light source and has the soft and bright ray of light, showing the great energy conservation effect and longer service lifetime.

 Lift car energy-saving technology

When there is no elevator calling command in certain time, illumination and ventilator of the lift car will stop automatically, saving energy consumption.

 Energy feedback technology

In the no-load upward and full-load downward elevator, energy harvesting is reported to the power grid utilization. Energy saving is above 30%.


Guardian safety

Infrared curtain system: the dense infrared curtain system is established in the elevator to form an intangible safety protecting net, which can makes a sensitive response to figures and objects in the detectable range and protects safe in and out of passengers.

 UCMP device

If there is the accidental movement in the lift car, the device will start up protection and immediately stop the lift car.

 The anti-digging door protector

When the elevator breaks down in the non-door area, the device will immediately start up to prevent passengers from pushing aside the door.

 Braking force detection system

When the elevator is kept in the idle standby state in the specific time, the system will automatically detect and ensure that the elevator braking system is normally operated.

 Multi-installation protector

With the multi-protection of safety tongs, over-speed governor and buffer, it safeguards passengers to take a lift safely.

MSDS Elevator carries with the advanced and reliable safety technology. The all-around safety protection device creates the safe and carefree process to taking a lift for users.

MSDS Elevator integrates the green environmental protection into the elevator design, reduces the energy consumption and embodies the new proposal of energy conservation and environmental protection.

MSDS uses the cutting-edge intellectual technology, provides the intelligent and high-efficient operation solution for urban buildings, and creates the excellent and fluent elevator-riding experience.

MSDS Elevator always insists in the humanized design philosophy, starting from each functional detail of the elevator, it aims to create the most comfortable elevator-taking experience.


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Comfortable taking

 Fluent door-motor system

No reduction gear, large low-speed output torque, fluent and comfortable operation and noise reduction

 Multi-noise reduction device

The lift car applies the effective damping and anti-noise technology to decentralize and neutralize irregular vibration motion of the lift car.

 Roomy space

Through the overall structural optimization, more well space gives place to the lift car to create the roomy and comfortable elevator-taking experience.

 Detail optimization

Select multiple decorative accessories and humanized function. It has the convenient operation and beautiful appearance.


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Intelligent high efficiency

 Intelligent control system

32-bit microprocessor control and multi-mode selection; data processing is rapid and accurate; response time is short.

 Destination appointment floor system

Users just need to select the destination layer. The system will automatically guide users to how to take an elevator, so that passengers can quickly arrive in the destination floor.

 Intelligent elevator system

When passengers with the close destination are dispatched to the same elevator, it reduces the elevator-waiting time, greatly improves the carrying efficiency and effectively relieves crowing stream of people.

 Identification of calling landing

IC card identification and fingerprint identification can be selected to shorten the calling landing time and easily reach the destination floor.