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Villa elevator

MSDS home tug-type elevator applies the latest tug-type technology. It has energy conservation and environmental protection and small volume, while ensuring the strong power. Meanwhile, it saves more building space for users.
  • 自由.png

    Free design

    Our villa elevator design has no need for the traditional machine room. It can apply the knapsack or dragon gate elevator structure in line with the housing structure and opening demands.
  • 生活.png

    Comfortable life

    VVVF variable frequency driving, special microcomputer plate control of home elevator is operated stably and comfortable. It starts up and stops without noise.
  • 节能.png

    Green energy conservation

    Automatic special door; variable frequency driving; and upgrading energy conservation; total rated power of operation is 1.5KW, which is less than a microwave oven. Our villa elevator saves 80% of power than the small domestic elevator.

  • 安全防护.png

    Safe protection

    With UPS (backup source) device, our villa elevator will immediately start up as power failure and let passengers safely walk out. Under the emergencies, directly give an exterior line call and improve the rescue efficiency.