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Freight elevator

MSDS freight elevator optimizes the environmental particularity and load demands. For both performance and details, it is an ideal choice for freight transportation.It is suitable for factories, warehouses, supermarkets , airports and stations.
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    Solid and durable

    High-strength lift car structure and panel bending and molding technology select the special crash barriers particularly designed by the company to provide multi-protection for the lift car and ensure solidness and durability.
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    Accurate leveling

    The gearless drive scheme can effectively control the leveling accuracy in the millimeter range to ensure safe cargos. It is convenient for handling and personnel in-out.
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    Large opening distance

    It applies the multi-folding car door to reach the maximal opening width and it is convenient for in-out cargos.

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    Delay closeness

    One-key delay closeness let you take it easy to move bulk cargos.