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Passenger elevator

MSDS design, excellent performance, two projects – small machine room and machine-room-less, different configuration can meet demands of carious residences, hotels and office buildings.
  • 自由.png

    Free design

    Structural optimization can make the design flexible and free. It can select different decorative configurations in line with the physical truth of buildings or user demands.
  • 灵活.png

    Flexible installation

    It is easy to install, while reducing the machine room. The construction efficiency is dramatically improved. It can easily realize the initial installation and renovation.
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    Compact design

    The machine room is used as the well extension. The machine room area is reduced by 40% than the traditional elevator. It increases the usable area and reduces the integrated building costs.

  • 智能.png

    Intelligent control

    Intelligent control system is perfectly integrated with the advanced driving technology and control technology to greatly improve the elevator operation efficiency.
  • 主机.png

    Special main engine

    The permanent magnet synchronous gearless tractor for machine-room-free passenger elevator only has half of weight for the traditional tractor.
  • 矢量智能对象3.png

    Intensive space

    Machine-room-free structure flexibly places the control cabinet and tractor in the well. It saves the covered area and provides more design selection for architects and developers.